Baby Shower & Live Music at Tribeca, Liverpool

Tribeca Liverpool Live Music Baby Shower PartyOur first foray in the world of baby showers. A long time tradition in the USA this will be a first for us. It seems along with most of the American lingo as well as certain calendar events have come over here as well. With Black Friday madness, thanksgiving, MY BAD, get lucky and now baby showers. This was a moment to be celebrating though for the lovely Stacy & Sarah. One of the happiest and content couples we have ever met.

The baby shower event for Stacy and Sarah was for their new addition to the family. It was time to kick back and celebrate with cocktails, baby games and live music. The venue of choice is the very bohemian and hip Tribeca on Berry Street in Liverpool.

We arrived early thinking we had plenty of time to set up. But the guests also started to arrive early. Panic set in slightly and we quickly brought the gear in and started to set up. The electric socket was no where to be seen. First rules of setting up, find your spot, find a table for the mixer and find your power. We hunted and hunted and had to harass a bar lady eventually who was really helpful and assisted us with finding the mystery plug. It was stashed behind one of the huge wooden benches. We had to ask four lovely ladies to stand up while we plugged in. Its quite handy to have plugs away from the public. In some venues you may get the odd Neanderthal thinking its funny to flick the switch half way through a song.

Tribeca Liverpool Live Music Baby Shower PartyThis wasn’t the type of event where this would happen and luckily its never happened to us. But with my brain hard wired for mischief it sometimes crosses my mind.

Parking in Liverpool is always a nightmare. L  uckily the bar staff offered us parking in their private off road car park, an extremely helpful life saver. I must mention at this point how helpful and friendly the staff are at Tribeca. Its a lovely venue and it was our first time here. This is not the first gig we have done for Stacy and Sarah. They have fantastic taste and always choose a quirky venue with lots of character.

It soon became apparent that this was to be an all girl thing and I think Andy was feeling rather special by this point. We talked about the running order for the event. It seemed there would be lots of fun and games. Also present was the beautiful Karen and Pauline, we performed at Karens wedding a few years ago and have remained friends since.

Tribeca Liverpool Live Music Baby Shower PartyWith a competition of who can put a nappy on the doll the quickest whilst blindfolded (the person not the doll) and a game where a nappy had to be made out of toilet roll and placed on a friend. Then there was the best play dough baby model and a baby song quiz. It was very creative and everybody in the room was smiling. This was a celebration of a new life and with parents as imaginative as these two, you can see a bright future for any baby.

It was really funny, in fact it was one of the funniest gigs we’ve done. Performing “Those were the days” with 40 or so ladies wearing nappies and watching them dance like Russians was absolutely brilliant.  No other males in sight, this was a full on girly party and they did it in style.

We started playing some upbeat tempo material to get things moving and got into the spirit of the day, it was going rather well and everyone was happily enjoying themselves. The live music provided an additional feel towards the day and suited the vibe of the afternoon.

Tribeca Liverpool Live Music Baby Shower PartyWe thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon celebrating with Stacy and Sarah. Huge thanks for having us and we wish you all the love, joys and happiness with your baby.


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