Busking & Street Entertainment



Some people ask us “why do you busk when you can perform in the warmth and security of a gig setting?” Truth be told busking (or street entertainment) has changed over the years and has been the best thing we’ve ever done. It allows us to showcase our own music, perfect songs that we’ve learnt and also test our new original material on the general public.

We’ve sold tons of CDs and gained many gigs which then lead to more gigs.  Approximately 70% of our gigs are as a result of street entertainment and we do it full time, when were not gigging we are busking and when were not busking we are gigging.

It’s allowed us to master our art and create a platform for our music to be heard by literally thousands of people. It’s made us thick skinned and opened our eyes to the world around us. We now know how to deal with any audience and can interact with them better. We’ve met so many friends along the way and hope to meet many more. Its all down to working hard and doing something you love, come rain or shine. 


We are fortunate that through our music we have managed to travel the country (and parts of the world), buy a van, self fund our own CD’s and also live on a bit more than noodles. We are self employed and rely solely on the music for our income, so we count our blessings daily that we are able to do this and don’t plan on giving it up anytime soon.

Busking to us is a way of life and once you’ve tasted it, I don’t think you can ever give it up. It can be tough at times but think of Ed Sheeran, Passenger, Badly Drawn Boy and even Sir Paul McCartney to name a few. They have success yet they either started on or still return to the streets.

It’s brought us so many opportunities and also allowed us to help others with fundraising in the process.  We have performed live on many radio stations up and down the country and also performed on a local television all thanks to sticking at it. In the words of Jimmy Cliff ” You can get it if you really want, but you must try”