Interactive Percussion Session


Depending on the atmosphere you wish to create; our optional “Interactive Percussion Session” is a unique and very effective way to engage and have fun with your guests.  Included in the price, this session comes highly recommended; it is inspiring, interactive, enjoyable, a fantastic ice breaker and is an inventive way to make sure everyone is in the party spirit.


During this session we will provide your guests with percussion instruments to encourage audience participation. We place percussion instruments in a case so guests can choose freely what percussion instrument they want to use.

For the more shy hearted, we never force people to take an instrument, we simply encourage them.

There are plenty to go around and this usually keeps everyone entertained; from Grandmas and toddlers to potential clients and employees.

It’s amazing how much more relaxed an event is when someone has a tambourine, a shaker or a cow bell in their hand.


The session works really well in a variety of settings and adds a unique touch to any event. From weddings and parties to corporate events and functions.

Imagine arriving to your wedding breakfast to see all your guests jamming along with the band or after your meal in preparation for the evening’s entertainment. Imagine a house concert or BBQ with all your friends and family in your house or garden really feeling the live music or impressing potential clients or employees as you reveal your fun side.

If it’s a relaxed, unique and enjoyable atmosphere you wish to create then we highly recommend this option.