Equipment List



Every event is different and the equipment we use on the day will depend on your venue size, amount of guests and the atmosphere you wish to create. We are able to cater for every event ranging from conservatories to large halls. .

Our setup time is fairly minimal; although we usually prefer to setup before guests arrive if possible. For “Pop Up Acoustic” Sessions we can be ready to go within 15 minutes. With the full PA we can be setup in 30-40 minutes. No sound check is usually needed for “Pop Up Acoustic” sessions as the settings are minimal, although we would need to do a sound check with the larger PA. 

We can be as loud or as quiet as you need us to be. The equipment we use is the latest equipment and no sound quality is lost when the volume is altered, the clarity remains the same.

On your initial contact we will establish what PA will be best suited to your event. For peace of mind all our equipment is PAT tested. Please CLICK HERE to view our latest certificate.

If a PA is provided, please see below our technical rider with our requirements for your sound technician. Should you require a stage plan please CLICK HERE or if you need further details, please contact us.

  • POSITION – Performance is preferred standing unless seated is required by venue



    Cajon – Walk around or on Stand (supplied by artist) – Shure Beta 91a (supplied by artist)     

    XLR – Requires Phantom Power. If no phantom power is available Artist can provide a Phantom Pedal Box (3 x  XLR Leads Required for this setup)

    Electro Acoustic Guitar – 2 Inputs Required

    1 x ¼ inch jack DI – For Electro/Acoustic Guitar

    1 x ¼ inch jack DI – For Bass Pickup on Guitar

    Harmonica – Use through VOX Mic 1 (no special requirements)

    VOX 1 – Lead Vocals/Harmonica – Mic Stand Required

    VOX 2 – Backing Vocals – Mic Stand Required


We will try not to confuse you with too much with all the techie talk, but for all you techies out there we have provided a list of our equipment.

  • 1 x Yamaha MGP 12 Channel Mixer (Larger Venue)

    2 x 1000w QSC K10 Powered Speakers

    2 x 1000w Peavey Speakers

    2 x 1000w Bass Bins

    2 x Roland Battery or Mains Cube (Pop Up Acoustic)

    Shure SM58 Microphones

    Shure Beta 91a Drum Condenser Mic (Requires Phantom)

    1 x Takamine Electric Acoustic Guitar

    1 x Bass Pick Up (for Acoustic Guitar)

    Mario Cortes Spanish Cajon Drum

    1 x Custom Made Cajon Mic (With Built in Condenser Mic – Requires Phantom)

    Hohner Harmonicas

    PAR Spotlights & DJ Booth (if required)

    Lighting Rig (Powered)

    Various Pedals, Leads & Stands


    4 x 250w Peavey Speakers/Monitors

    4 x 500w Celestian Speakers (Very large venues)

    Yamaha EMX 3000 (Backup Mixer)