Writing our own music is a passion we both share. We have hundreds of ideas and songs, but we both feel that out of 50 songs you may have one keeper. You may ask “what’s the best song you’ve ever written?” and the only answer is “we haven’t written it yet”. This is a great way of keeping you on your toes with song writing.  It’s a way of expression and there’s no better feeling than taking a song from your mind, recording it in a studio and then having it played on radio.

We learn cover material because it actually helps with the song writing process and also because the majority of people want to hear music they know.  At certain gigs or when busking we try to incorporate our own stuff when we can into a set of cover music to keep people interested.


When you break a produced song down to just guitar, drum and vocals, you hear the entire song in a different way, it’s like you hear it from a songwriters point of view. It teaches you about structure, lyrics and is a massive learning curve; it may explain why all of our original songs have different genres.

We are both quite particular about writing & learning songs and a lot of effort goes into it. We break it down and work on it and then test it out in front of a live audience. We currently have over 200 cover songs in the bag and constantly add new ones.

So if we had to choose between original stuff and cover music, we would have to say both. All the greats covered songs and still are; we only hope that one day someone will be covering one of our original songs, what a buzz that would be.