“Together through the love of music, we can make a difference”

This is one of the most rewarding aspects of what we do and is very important to us. Being able to support organisations and charities to raise funds and awareness of conditions, disease & poverty issues present in society today; using our music is a blessing in itself. We have been blessed with a talent and are so grateful that we are fortunate enough to be able to make a living from doing something we love.


In addition to our regular work we perform at fundraising events to raise money and awareness for different charities including Bickerstock Music Festival (Local Jospice & Community Support), Hope Fest (Raising Money & Awareness for Homelessness) Manor Farm Festival (Marie Curie Cancer & Brain Tumour Trust), Wurzledubz VW Festival (Scotties Little Soldiers) and Woolstock (Cancer Research UK, St Wilfreds Hospice and The Sussex Snowdrop Trust) .

We have performed in Liverpool Cathedral as part of Hope Food Banks Christmas Service, several times for Sefton Foodbank Network,  Octavias Cafe in Wisbech and also took part in the  “ We Shall Overcome Weekend” and many more. We enjoy working on projects and still have a few ideas up our sleeves.


We support many different great causes that are close to our hearts through performances, fundraising events, donations and awareness appeals. We know we can’t change the world however much we want to, but even if our efforts help only one person we know we’ve made some achievement.

We do what we can, when we can; if you go away with one sentence off this entire website please take heed “if you’re blessed with a talent use it to help others and not yourself”

We are great believers in giving something back and regularly support charities and the work that they do, we also hope to inspire others to do so where possible.


We were fortunate enough to perform at Liverpool Central Station during The Grand National rush hour for donations towards The Royal Liverpool Hospital as Merseytravel’s designated charity. It was a truly magical experience and one that was caught on camera. 

The video went viral and was watched by over 140,000 viewers in less than a week. We return each year to central station raising money for Merseyrails chosen charity and hope for more magical moments