Pearl of Africa Childrens Choir


We also support the “Porridge Program” in Uganda. The “Porridge Program” enables children in the schools of Uganda to have at least one bowl of porridge each day. This bowl of porridge can make all the difference when it comes to learning as many of the children wouldn’t have a breakfast without it; it helps them to focus on school rather than hunger.


Every year a selected number of children from the schools in Uganda travel to the UK on an annual tour as “The Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir”. fantastic and highly recommended.

We were fortunate enough to meet and perform with the choir as part of their UK fundraising tour. We have performed with them on several occasions over the years. The choir also jammed along with one of our own songs “Get By” it added a lovely touch and we’d love to have the sound of their amazing vocal harmonies on one of our albums at some point.


We were introduced to the organisers (Molly & Paul) so we know exactly where the money goes. They have several projects to improve the quality of life for these children and have devoted their lives to it. The members of the choir are so grateful for small mercies from a flushing toilet to bucket loads of chicken. They have such a positive outlook on life and it puts our misgivings into perspective.

We highly recommend going to see one of their shows when they are touring, a lot of hard work and effort goes into their performance and it shows.