Statue for Eppy


Following a meeting on BBC Radio Merseyside with Billy Kinsley of The Merseybeats we were asked to participate in the production of “Statue for Eppy” project.  “Statue for Eppy” is a fundraising project honouring the life of Brian Epstein who gave us access to some of the most influential music that has shaped the music industry today. They joined other local celebrities at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool to record a fantastic song written by Bob Pitt called “Our Friend” The song was produced by the wonderful Billy Kinsley.

Parr Street Studios

The recording session took place at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool. The task at hand was to sing to a song written especially for Brian Epstein by Bob Pitt. It was a privilege and we were very grateful for the opportunity. We turned up early morning and went to grab a quick cuppa before being called into the studio. As the track was being prepped we were introduced to a few familiar faces.

The prolific nature of the session meant a few local celebrities had been invited to come along and join in on the recording. The vocal room was full of Merseyside celebrities as well as musicians from all walks of life. Now we are not going to name drop but thanks to Billy Kinsley we met some very inspiring and influential people that day. HUGE and MASSIVE thanks to Billy Kinsley for you support and for inviting us to be involved.

Music, Love & Laughter

Throughout the course of the day, we had mixed group backing vocal sessions, ladies only backing vocal sessions and then it was time to do some lead (what an opportunity). I was taken into the vocal booth and then realised I would have to sing a song I had learnt the night before in front of all these celebrities who were watching in the mixing room. I won’t lie it was nerve wrecking but we felt very honoured to be given the chance to be a part of it.

It was great to meet the people behind music you’ve listened to and also those that you have seen on the television especially on such a momentous occasion such as this. The day was full of music, love, laughter, storytelling, doughnuts, stories, tea and coffee. We even met a fox named ‘Snooty’. It was a fantastic and memorable experience finished off with an evening of busking.

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