Aintree Conservative Club – Live Music

Tonight is a double celebration that is Geoff & Stella, Neil & Pam’s double 60th party. The rag Tag Misfits had been hired to provide entertainment for this special double celebration at the Aintree Conservatory Club on Lancing Drive.

It is one of the older type buildings that have existed for many years and purpose built to provide entertainment nights such as this. It seems they are steadily declining with some places shutting down and being bulldozed to make way for today’s housing crisis. At least this place was still open for the moment and would be best fit for a double celebration  such as this. It is a fair size as well really quite big inside and can easily handle 1650 people.

We arrived on time and began unloading our gear, tonight we would be playing alongside a DJ from TK Entertainments, one of the best DJ’s and entertainers you get book. With all the latest and greatest lightning and projection for your photos of the evening sorted, it was time for us to do our bit, that is Live Music for the party. We set up our gear on stage and cranked up the volume just about reaching the back at sound check though adequate enough to get people in the mood for the dancing in the second half of the set after the buffet.

It wasn’t long before we had the audience on the dance floor and Geoff, Stella, Pam and Neil had been really greatful for our services. We ended the night off in style with some upbeat Mowtown classics and a bit of Chuck Berry following nicely as the crowd formed a circle for Rolling On A River, classic partying. At the end of the set we handed over to TK ENTertainments DJ who finished the night off for them until close at midnight. All in all a good solid party backup up by some nice live music from Rag Tag Misfits and TK Entertainments.

Thanks for booking us and all the best for the future.


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