Wurzledubz VW Festival – Live Entertainment

This May bank holiday was the VW festival Wurzledubz down in Somerset, this being our third year playing at the festival, our thanks goes to Keith for booking us into play, Matt for giving us his time and dedication to setting up the PA, Sound & lighting for us and those of you who sat to watch us despite ebign hung over from the night before.


We had been booked in this year for Wurzledubz live entertainment on the Sunday, we arrived on the Saturday night to watch the main band who we thought was The Wurzels when in fact they were called Mangled Wurzels. A band we know from Liverpool called Jed had also played a spot and is a really nice chap who plays drums in a band called Lunar Corona up in Liverpool, he is also a great story teller and enchanted us around the campfire whilst we sat and played guitar.

The main entertainment for the weekend was the Mangled Wurzels, they had the crowds and had been very entertaining. They are a 4 piece band comprising of keyboard, guitar, bass and vocals, the guitar played had an interesting live setup with some guitar wizardry going on, they also provided milk bottles especially for the audience to participate in the songs. Once they played “I’ve got A Brand New Combine Harvester” the crowd were really up for it, and in their native Somerset tone delivered some classic banter between them and the audience. They band did really well and enthralled the crowd with their take on modern songs in a Wurzels type fashion. The crowd loved the band and they had played really well, everyone was dancing away and the singer came out into the audience being chased around by a little kid who didn’t know any better.

So with the Saturday night of to a great start, the following day saw a few saw heads, with this being mainly a family event a lot of folks decided to take part in the water slide during the day and spend the rest of the day having a lazy Sunday afternoon. Wurzledubz live entertainment was Rag Tag Misfits. It was our turn to entertain the audience despite their hangovers. We went over to the marquee with Matt who helped us set the sound up and did a fantastic job. As matt put on some music after finalizing the sound for us, people starting to arrive, mind you only a few at first. The time was getting on so we decided to start playing. As we did more people began to arrive and sat and watched us play our first set for Wurzledubz live entertainment.

People began to arrive and as we started the second set a lot of people had come over to get into the spirit of things. We slowly started picking up the pass and before long a few ladies had shaken off their apathy and got dancing to the music, it actually ended up with us playing 500 miles to a lot of people who had somehow found the energy to dance along, so a good job done and we accomplished our goal. We even sold a fair few CD’s so that was a great bonus for us to come away from a gig that started our so quiet and finish on a big high.

Thanks for having us Keith, hopefully you will see us again next year, Wurlzedubz is a great family orientated festival and helps to raise money this year for the Air Ambulance. As one of the regular attendees was involved in an accident earlier in the year having been hit by a great big deer, suffered life threatening injuries and was brought back to normally no thanks to the Air Ambulance crew, his rehabilitation was so strong that he was able to attend this years festival.


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