New Gibson Guitar

Having recommened the Takamine TF77-PT to anyone who is wishing to replace their Takamine with the same Takamine, this is an update.

It seems that this particular model is suitable for finger pickers, with is sultry warm wood of exquisite Koa and Cedar top it is the perfect blend for a chilled out vibe guitar that has a decent preamp built in. Having gigged with this guitar I must say it has become apparent that we don’t rub along together, we simply don’t get on and have split up, citing musical differences. Yes this guitar has to go, and is currently for sale. Anyone reading this and loves finger style guitar with a hard to find limited edition and highly sought after wood type please message.

The guitar is wonderfully built and is a pleasure to hold in your fretting hand, it is so smooth, the sound is great but we just haven’t been able to get the sound we wanted in live performances.

So after all the effort to finally get a new guitar, the very one that was scuppered from under us has finally been purchased, the aforementioned Gibson J45 and we are getting along nicely, so far so good. We haven’t gigged with it yet so time will tell, but it is a guitar that wants to be heard and is very bold and brash sounding, it is a workhorse and shall be put to the test very soon.  Having just come back from the Wychwood festival and watched Billy Bragg playing a Gibson J45 it seemed to carry across brilliantly, it has a reputation in guitar circles and players alike that is second to none so you can expect it to conform to what has become and is affectionately named “The Workhorse”.

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