Statham Lodge Wedding- rag tag misfits

Statham Lodge Wedding – Rag Tag Misfits

Today was a baking hot early summers day, really hot some 28 degrees and as it was a may bank holiday the weather was perfect for a wedding. In fact on this glorious day we had indeed been booked to play at Jane Bradley’s wedding at Statham Lodge in Warrington. Statham Lodge is a fine place with extensive gardens looked after by the garden maintenance staff. We rocked up around dinner time to play our afternoon set before jenny and her guests went inside for the evening meal. The sun was shining and you just had to feel sorry for the guests who had been in full suits, even a tie was pushing it, but you have to look the part for a wedding.

As the guest went inside to witness the marriage of Jenny Jones we had to setup just outside the window, trying to evade and distract the guests from our labours we managed to set the equipment up without too much of a distraction. Today was the test of our new Roland Street Cube EX, with 50 watts of power and the last gig that the new acoustic guitar would play before being sold.

As our new spangley shiny amp was rearing to go, we awaited the arrival of the newly married couple to join us outside where they would pose for photographs and mingle in the beautiful gardens of Statham Lodge to be entertained by Rag Tag Misfits.

They came out into the backing sunshine, posed for family photographs and then quickly took refuge under the mature trees and out of the sun. We just about managed to reach them with our new amp as they had gone quite away from initially walking out the door; still there was some guests that had sat in the sunshine around the parasol.

The guitar it seems wasn’t behaving itself and struggled to EQ itself properly, whilst the amp was just about cutting it, the sun was bearing down on us and the guitar didn’t like is one bit. We struggled on with the sound troubles and tried to make the best of the situation, it is of course a momentous day for the newly married couple and we had to keep everyone happy and entertained, this is our job after all.

We put the percussion instruments out and some of the kids joined in and seemed to take a liking to the shakers, looking like a big giant lollipop one of the young boys was trying to eat it; at least he was enjoying it.

With the afternoon coming to a close we played our last few songs before the guest had been called to go back inside.

Thank you for having us Jane & Husband, we wish you’re the very best for your future together.

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