Hop Vine Burscough

Tonight was our turn at the Hop Vine pub in Burscough, Lancashire. The Rag Tag Misfits had been booked in for the Saturday night whilst Bone Shaker had been booked in the night before. SO it was a weekend of live music at the Hop Vine. We arrived just before 9pm to setup and the pub was casually busy serving delicious food that it has built its reputation on since taking over ten years ago.

On this occasion we had been joined by Emma & Paul Rimmer from the private party at O’Brians Tea Rooms in Ormskirk. They had some friends over from Canada and had come to watch us this evening. We set up our equipment in the band area as the table finished their meals we had the room to occupy it. On this evening we had been also joined by jess and her gang from Southport, we had our very own fan club, Ellie was also in attendance whom we met at The Woolpack, she is a lovely lady and next time we see you the drinks are on us. So with our fan club seated and awaiting the start of the music we set the night off with a bit of the Beautiful South, carrying on from that we kept up the momentum and before long people had been getting into the music which was very nice.

Not long into the set a group of girls came up and asked to sit just behind us, they said they had listened to us online and could they request a song by Steve Earle, Galway Girl. Thankfully we knew it and said we would include it in the set and would you care to sit down behind us. They had come quite a way hailing from west Houghton, and seemed to all work together so they had been up for a good night out. So with the drinks flowing and the music getting off to a great start, our alligence of fans had been entertained at the hop vine and took to the floor and danced the night away.

It was a great turn out and you don’t always get this many people coming to watch you but tonight was a great now and people came to enjoy the music, so that was great.

Please see our gig listings for Rag Tag Misfits next gig at the Hop Vine in Burscough.

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