Thornton Hall Wedding

Thornton Hall Wedding

Today would be the joining of Jenny & Lee joining in the hand of marriage at Thornton Hall Wedding venue in Crosby. This wedding had been booked in advance for quite some time, with Lee first seeing us at a boxing day gig we had played in memory of one of his football friends who had passed away at a really young age. I remember that gig, a lot of fondness for the belated friend, they gathered around in a circle to Oasis’s “Champagne Supernova” and invited us in to sing with them.

Today though was Jenny & Lee’s big day, they had spent the weekend at the Thornton Hall Wedding venue, as it is a luxury Hall with Bistro, bar, Gym, Hotel, Spa, you name it they’ve got it. Set in some impressive gardens it is a venue that is of the highest standard, if your ever in the market for a bespoke wedding venue, this is the place.

We arrived just before 5pm to liaise with the wedding coordinator, the guests had been in the other room, just been officially married. Thornton Hall Wedding venue is Licensed for civil marriages and civil partnerships so you can do the whole wedding package all under one roof. Having met up with the wedding coordinator we had been shown the function room where we would be setting up. Just as we started moving the gear in, the dance floor was being laid down, it seemed the dance floor would be close to our little corner where we had been told to play and that the DJ would turn up and play behind the exit doors. So as it all of the pieces came together, dance floor was laid down and the Flash sprayed and moped clean, sparkling with its LED lighting. We set up our equipment next to the lovely white draped sides of the room waiting to greet the bride and groom.

The Rag Tag Misfits had been asked to play a special song for jenny & Lee’s wedding here at Thornton hall in Crosby, the special song they had both requested was by a band called Kodaline “The One”, a lovely wedding song that appeared to be quite fitting for the newly married couple.

We had spent quite a number of weeks  written just for weddings, it was perfect . We spent a few weeks learning the song, as it was their first dance request, we couldn’t afford anything to go wrong. The other song that had been requested from Lee to his beloved new bride was by the band Train, the track was called “Marry Me” again another well placed song for a wedding, not cheesy, very modern sounding, a finger picked type song that would be perfect to sing to your bride. This song Lee decided should be played last, after we had finished our second set, it worked very well, bringing them both together after all the party songs and with them both caressing one another on the dance floor, they had everyone taking snaps of them and videoing their last song with us for the evening.

What a great wedding this was, set in the lovely surrounding of Thornton Hall, we wish Jenny & Lee all our best for the future together an thank you for booking us to play for your big day.

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