Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre – live entertainment

Tony Kay – Christening Party


Even DJ’s need entertainment, is that right? Yes it seems so, and today would be the christening of Tony Kay’s daughter whom we have been asked to provide entertainment for at Crosby Lakeside Adventure centre. Situated on the lake side amongst the sand swept dunes, it is a nice wooden building that houses a café and bistro plus function rooms, an ideal place to have an upbeat banging party. When we arrived we sorted the parking ticket with Tony who said there would be no charge, that a great start. We unloaded the gear into the room where the entertainment was happening, it was a full on kids show with clowns and balloons and party music playing, all the lighting gear you could need and lots to do for the kids.

So as the party was in full swing we spoke to Tony about setting up, it seems what we would do was slave our mixer to his mixer and run through the PA system, so as we arranged that and setup for our slot the entertainment carried on for the children, fancy dress costumes such as Storm troopers and jesters had been a great touch to a spectacular party and all in the middle of the afternoon.

It was now time for us to get on and the costumes party was finished, we started to play, the room was quite large but it was no problem to keep the party atmosphere going here at Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre. We played our first set as people sat and listened to our music, all was going well. We had decided to play through without having a break to keep the continuity going, it was all aboard the dance floor and felt like a night time gig party, Tony encouraged everyone to get up and dance and we opted to play some upbeat music that you could get a groove on to. It was a spectacular party with lots of effort and organising from TK Entertainments with the Rag Tag Misfits doing their bit for the live music.

After the dance off we ended our set and did one more song for the enchanting crowd, it was a great gig for the middle of the afternoon and one to remember, a really great christening party. As we finished the DJ played some club music that was really pounding the doors off the otherwise relaxed bistro vibe, the party was in full swing and people had still been dancing even after our set finished.

As we finished Tony invited us to get our picture taken in the booth, the ones were you wear a fancy dress and do your best pose. The machine had finished for the day though Tony insisted that he would get it setup and we could havea souvenir to take back with us, donning our favourite wigs. Cheers Tony.

And that’s a wrap, thanks to Tony from TK Entertainments for having Rag Tag Misfits at your christening party at Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre, it was a great afternoon, well done for all the hard work you put it, it really paid off.



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