Southport Festival – Atkinson

Southport Festival –

Its May bank holiday weekend and Southport festival is in full swing, from market stalls to outdoor concerts, the town is a lit with the joys of the arts. It would be our second year that we have played at the Atkinson, the building that houses shows, plays and a variety of musicals. The gig in the Atkinson building on Lord Street in Southport had been arranged by Pete Rimmer who asked us to be apart of the live music for the afternoon at The Atkinson. As we arrived we caught the last part of some very well dressed men in suits complete with bow ties singing acapella. It was only the wayfarers Chorus band.  They had a fair audience in the foyer of the Atkinson, people had been coming in and out to watch the various things that had been going on.

Up next it was the Rag Tag Misfits turn, our set would be around 40 minutes or so and we had the opportunity to showcase our own original music, sell CD’s and entertain with a few covers. We took to the stage and setup the drum , microphones and guitar ready to play our first song.  The foyer and stage had enough seats to accommodate a fair few people and as we played people sat and listened to the music.

Sat in the crowd had been Hellys parents and our very own fans hailing from Southport, Jess and her entourage came to see us play and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. So we played a few of own sngs from our CD back in 2014, we also played some cover music to keep everyone happy. It was a great afternoon and we had sold a fair few CD’s after we finished. It was now time to have a listen to Unchained Melody, this was Pete Rimmer and his merry band of men who we thoroughly enjoyed listening to. They did some of their own stuff too and that was really slick, laid back and a joy to listen to. One of the cover songs we particularly enjoyed was “Don’t Let me Be Misunderstood” by Nina Simone, a great song and wonderfully capture live and on their CD, that we exchanged with our CD.


Thank you for having the Rag Tag Misfits this year for Southport Festival , Thanks to Pete Rimmer for having us play and thank you for everyone who sat and listened and supported live music.


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