Sonshine Sunday

Sometimes when you are in a rush and need a quick shower it can be very handy to use 3 in 1. Just one bottle lash it all over and your done. Three in one today was of a different kind as we had 3 gigs booked in.

Our first mission for the Rag Tag Misfits was for Churches Together taking place in Ormskirk town centre. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness of local churches and encourage people to get involved with the church. “Churches Together” had a full day of entertainment lined up for the general public of Ormskirk. A puppet show was on the bill with also a set from Ormskirk Ukulele Band.

We met with the organisers of the church at 10.30am and played for an hour. A PA and a gazebo was provided (which is always handy with good ole English weather).  We entertained the morning crowd of this lovely Saturday market day in Ormskirk. All went smoothly and splendidly. We both grew up close to Ormskirk, both 10 minutes away but in the opposite direction. There were lots of familiar faces. A combination of a Merseyside Gal and a Lancashire Lad entertaining at a halfway point from home. It’s good to see events like this in towns. It brings a great sense of community.

Since we had two more gigs today we had to make a sharp exit. The little market town was in full swing when we left as we could hear the puppets singing down the street. So after we said our goodbyes it was a smooth transition over to the puppet show to carry on with the busy day that lay ahead of us.

We swiftly packed our equipment up and went to collect our full PA setup for the next gig at the rugby club.


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