Ormskirk Beer & Gin Festival

ormskirk beer gin festival live music lancashire rag tag misfits rugby club Luckily it wasn’t too bad for travelling time and we could get to the next gig on time. The Ormskirk Beer & Gin Festival at the Rugby Club in Ormskirk  had been underway for a few hours as we arrived. Parking was nightmare though. We had to double park to unload the equipment. Upon arrival the smell of frying onions hit your senses. The burgers and hot dogs were sizzling away and out into the distance was a scrum on the field. We carried our equipment over and setup in the Marquee provided to us by Julie the organiser.

There was a little marquee and a stage, but alas no electricity. Knowing that time was of the essence we searched around for the nearest electric point. It was a good job we brought a couple of long extension leads as the nearest electric point was behind the bar. Manoeuvring through the bar area amongst the punters armed with gaffer tape I set out on a mission to bring life to the stage.

ormskirk beer gin festival live music lancashire rag tag misfits rugby club

Moving a few tables here and there we set up in no time at all. We put on some background music to set the ambience ready for an afternoon session of live music with the Rag Tag Misfits. As the Gin and beer flowed, a lot of people turned up and were enjoying the afternoons lovely sunshine. We mooched around a bit to explore. There was an outside bar area selling an assortment of beers, ciders and gins and of course the burger tent.

I am related to the organisers so it was good to see them. They were busy cooking in the burger tent supplying burgers to the hungry crowds. We noticed a scraggly looking toy dog and were informed that this was the Rugby Clubs mascot. It brought entertainment to the toddlers who battled over who would get the next turn to push it.

After our first set we noticed our loyal and lovely fans Jess and Diana. They brought along their French friend who sadly we have forgotten the name of. We are terrible with names so we apologise in advance for this. The trick is to make an association with a name. We often joke about these associations. Andy just calls people Dave when he can’t remember names. Its like a scene from Only Fools and Horses.

ormskirk beer gin festival live music lancashire rag tag misfits rugby club

So for now let’s pick a French name out of a hat and call her Delphene for the time being. A few more familiar faces turned up to see our performance and encouraged the crowd to join in. Jess and Diana are keen on our original music which makes a refreshing change. They kept shouting “Three Steps Forward” and “Gypsy Girl” as requests. So we obliged and our own songs went down pretty well with the rest of the crowd too.

Having just finished our second slot it was vast approaching our deadline to leave and head over to the Bluecoat in Liverpool for our next gig. With little time to spare we packed our stuff up as fast as we could and swiftly headed for the Bluecoat Chambers in Liverpool for a party.

Thank you to all the organisers of the festival it was a pleasure to perform for you in the sunshine.

ormskirk beer gin festival live music lancashire rag tag misfits rugby club


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