Kings Arms Wilmslow

It was our turn to play the Kings Arms this weekend, holding regular live music, the pub has a great reputation in the area, and James is a great publican. The Phantong restaurant attached to the pub also works well with Thai food on offer and is always busy on the nights that we have come to play.

The last time we had been in Wilmslow was for the Carters Arms, just down the road. Sadly the pub is now unoccupied and the owners have left, sometimes you can try to turn things around and give it your best shot and it doesn’t work out, I think its best to walk away from something that isn’t working than to struggle on. The last gig in the Carters Arms was a bit whacky as some rugby fans had come in being rather rowdy. It wasn’t long before the police had been called on a separate incident involving a known thug who had been previously banned fro the pub and known to the police. As the police arrived they throw the assailant on the floor and pepper sprayed him in the face. Now pepper spray works very well for arrests, but it is a ghastly chemical and when your trying to sing is definitely not good. It just chokes you up and you cannot help but cough all the time.

Though this evening was much different, the Kings Arms is a different fish entirely, with a private party going on in the pub and it still being open to the public, a birthday celebration was underway. This was perfect for us, we had inadvertently stumbled across a party that needed entertaining, how perfect was that. So we asked some chaps could we setup in the space they had been occupying and the obliged by giving us some setup space. The pub was in full swing and the buffet was being served as we played our first few songs. Later on we had the audience in the palm of our hands and the party was in full swing. This was a great occasion and perfect for Rag Tag Misfits to play at the Kings Arms. As the night went on everyone was dancing and the hats that lay hung over the wall had been donned by the audience boogying away.

James you missed a good party here at the pub tonight, though Helen was kept quite busy most of the evening and did a great job thanks for having us and we shall see you later on in the year.

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