Interview & Live Performance on BBC Radio Stoke with James Watt

We arrived at BBC Radio Stoke early with plenty of time for a tune up. The weather had become increasingly hot outside and we were gasping for a cold drink. We were offered a glass of water from the receptionist; we were very, very appreciative and showed it by a relieving gasp after a long glug. It was ice cold and was divine. When your living in a van with no fridge, any liquid sets itself at the same temperature as the inside of the van. Our water was like bath water and the fruit juice tastes like mulled wine, I won’t even go into what the butter and milk looks like. It’s amazing how much water you can get through so buying cold water is usually expensive and does not stay cold for long. Cold drinks are a luxury, we appreciated it that much we asked for another glass to take into the studio with us.

A few moments later we were invited into the studio to meet James Watt, he was a nice man and has a light hearted funny afternoon show here. He has a very similer voice to BBC Radio 2’s Steve Wright or Steve Wright has a very similer voice to James Watt, if they had the same surname I would say they sounded like brothers. He was up for a laugh and was a fantastic interviewer. We explained the ins and out of being on the road and what it’s generally like busking around England whilst living in a van.

We went into some detail about the Trussell Trust food banks and hopefully inspired people to go online and donate for such a worthy cause. It was a lengthy interview nearly half an hour and James asked us to perform a few live tracks from our new EP “Colours”. The interview was brilliant and just what we needed to lift our spirits again. We enjoyed it and thanked James and his team for inviting us onto the show.




We left the studio and headed out for our next county of Cheshire, thanks for having us BBC Radio Stoke. There is a storm on the way apparently, rain, rain go away. We are hoping to busk in Altrincham tomorrow (weather pending) and we have an outdoor gig on Sunday at a BBQ Party so were hoping the rain stays away.

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