Guitar, Ukelele, Ganjo, Bass, Singer, Songwriter


  • When and why did you start playing?

    I started playing guitar when I was 15 whilst at secondary school. I’d played the piano in primary school and had lessons, I think the guitar came about as a lot of the music in secondary school was guitar based and some of my friends were already in bands so it became an instrument I was keen to learn.

  • Who are your favourite songwriters?

    Elton John, Lennon & McCartney and Mark Knopfler spring to mind. They are such naturally gifted writers and highly influential to other musicians. I think Burt Bacharach, Bernie Taupin and Dianne Warren know a thing or two about crafting songs

  • What musicians inspire you?

    It’s a box of assortments, musically, musicians such as Mark Knopfler, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Niles Rogers, John Martin, Bob Seger, James Taylor, Everly Brothers, Simon and Garfunkel and Neil Young are all contenders.

  • What do you enjoy about a live performance?

    I enjoy the atmosphere and buzz of a busy venue or a bustling street, coupled with the excitement of something unexpected happening. You never know how well you may be received or happy and elated someone may be from hearing live music. It’s good to hear live music and long may it be appreciated.

  • Do you have a format for writing songs?

    Inspiration can strike from anything; I’m responsive when hearing music and it filters through on guitar. Between us there is no set formula. I do write music on the guitar as this is my main instrument. So a chordal progression is usually created and then the melody is secondary. It usually happens this way, once the melody is there, you can play around with the style and that’s when the music can change and influences the final outcome. I love studio work, when you see your ideas really come to life.